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Hawk Conservancy Trust

The Hawk Conservancy Trust is registered conservation charity dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey. We work with many organisations and conservation groups across the world to deliver conservation programmes, education projects and to generate environmental awareness for the benefit of birds of prey and their habitats.

The operational philosophy of the Trust's Conservation and Research Department is constructed on an evidence-based framework, which requires that management and welfare decisions or conservation actions are determined by the results of focused research. To this end, our work ranges from on-site biodiversity projects and surveys through to broader scale projects on raptors in the wild.

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Hawk Conservancy Trust Hawk Conservancy Trust Hawk Conservancy Trust

The Hawk Conservancy Trust has a 22 acre visitor centre located near Andover (A303), Hampshire, where visitors can see many species from the tiny Pygmy Owl to the impressive Steller's Sea Eagle. We also have the National Bird of Prey Hospital on site, the British Raptor Programme HQ, and education and outreach initiatives, as well as opportunities for visitors to get close to or hold a bird of prey.

Hawk Conservancy Trust